Advantages of aluminum magnesium manganese alloy plate

The aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy plate is light in weight, low in density, good in heat dissipation and strong in compression resistance, and can fully meet the requirements of 3C products for high integration, lightness, miniaturization, anti-collision, electromagnetic shielding and heat dissipation. Its characteristics are: light weight (determined by aluminum, magnesium), strong plasticity (determined by magnesium), good corrosion resistance (determined by aluminum), good fire resistance (determined by manganese), etc. Then the aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy plate is in What kind of classification knowledge is there in the application?


An alloy material formed by hot rolling of aluminum, magnesium and manganese elements in a certain proportion is called aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy plate. As we all know, the constituent elements of a material determine its characteristics, and the characteristics determine its use. Let’s talk about the characteristics of aluminum, magnesium and manganese according to this idea.


Aluminum: Aluminum is a silver-white light metal with low density (2.75g/m*3), excellent thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity (the electrical conductivity of aluminum is 64% of that of copper, if calculated by mass, the electrical conductivity of aluminum is copper 200%), since the aluminum surface can naturally form a thin and solid oxide film, it can prevent some corrosive media from corroding it.


Magnesium: Among practical metals, magnesium is the lightest, with a density of only 1.74g/m*3 (only 2/3 of that of aluminum). The main features are large elastic modulus, good vibration damping performance, and strong ability to withstand impact loads (it is aluminum). The biggest advantage of magnesium is its high relative strength (the ratio of strength to mass). Its specific strength can reach 133, which is comparable to that of titanium.

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The main element of aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate is aluminum, and then a small amount of magnesium or other metal materials is added to enhance its hardness. The aluminum alloy with Mg as the main additive element is also called rust-proof aluminum alloy because of its good corrosion resistance. Because it is a metal, its thermal conductivity and strength are particularly outstanding. If you have any needs for this product, please feel free to inquire, we will provide you with thoughtful service!

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