All aluminum furniture! The first choice for future homes

First of all, let me talk about the kitchen! The kitchen is a damp and dirty place, so the cabinets in the kitchen are the most troublesome. They are prone to mildew. They will not look good after a year or two if they are newly renovated. Now there is an all-aluminum alloy instead of wooden materials, which will cause mildew. , Rotten boards will basically not happen, the cabinet is still very beautiful, modern European-style Chinese style is your choice!

The bathroom is similar to the kitchen. It is damp, and wooden panels are not suitable for bathroom cabinets. Previously, they were basically made of PVC, economical and environmentally friendly, and resistant to moisture, but the aesthetics were poor, the overall decoration was not harmonious, and the solid wood cabinet: beautiful Harmony has been established, it means moldy and rot over time, so the appearance of aluminum furniture just satisfies the beauty, the harmony of the overall decoration, and there will be no worries of moldy and rot. Do you say there is a reason not to choose?


Restaurant: General villas, country houses, and restaurants are on the ground floor. The ground floor is relatively humid. It is horrible when it is yellow and mildew. Therefore, wine cabinets are prone to mold. All-aluminum custom wine cabinets are perfect for you. No more worries about home life!

To sum up, the biggest advantage of all-aluminum homes is the environment; resistance to moisture; and beauty. Of course the only drawback is expensive.


Is aluminum furniture harmful to the body?

1. In fact, aluminum furniture is not harmful to the human body, because aluminum furniture is made of aluminum alloy, which is a metal in nature, so all aluminum furniture has no formaldehyde, and all aluminum furniture is in the process of assembling. It will not use formaldehyde-containing adhesives, so it will allow us to avoid formaldehyde pollution, and it will not cause harm to the body when used in our homes and furniture.

2. In daily life, many people will use traditional wooden furniture in their homes, but after using a few years, wooden furniture will be affected and cracked or damaged. However, the plasticity of all-aluminum furniture is very good, and it is also very convenient to process, so the strength is also very high, and it will be more fireproof and moisture-proof during use, and it is also stable. Under normal circumstances, all-aluminum furniture can be used for as long as fifty years.

3. Generally, the quality of all-aluminum furniture is relatively light, and even after assembly, it can still be disassembled and installed. It is also very convenient in usual cleaning and maintenance, which can also extend the service life, so we can Feel free to use all-aluminum furniture.


Many people are worried about the harm of all-aluminum furniture to the body, but in fact there is no harm, and all-aluminum furniture can also free people from the trouble of formaldehyde, and it takes a long time to use. It is also compared in terms of maintenance, cleaning and convenient, aluminum alloy furniture is very popular among young people, and the shape is very individual and trendy, so you can use it with confidence.

Prospects for the development of all-aluminum home furnishings

The development of all-aluminum home furnishings to the current whole-house customization, more and more consumer groups recognize all-aluminum homes.All-aluminum household products that are a little more expensive than panel furniture panels can increase the speed, realize mass production, and achieve controllable costs; second, they are more perfect in design and more attractive products.

The industry needs to develop better: First, do a good job in product design, because there is a design to have a product. Through product design and the output of design talents, product design can enter the Chinese design system and let more designers know the elements of all-aluminum homes , Is conducive to promoting the development of industry product design; the second is to improve the industry standard system and promote the standardized development of enterprises; the third is to build industry benchmark enterprises to drive the development of the industry; The oriented training of talents in relevant colleges and universities will promote the gathering of industry design talents and the development of industry design.


Tan Youming, Chairman of Nanbeiwang Aluminum Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.: I use data to prove that the furniture market share is very large. In 2020, the national furniture market sales will be 662.7 billion; panel furniture will account for 382.7 billion; although foreign trade has declined, it also has a share of 60 billion US dollars; and our all-aluminum furniture is only 20 billion, accounting for about 3% of the entire furniture market . Therefore, the prospect of all-aluminum home furnishing is very broad.

All-aluminum home furnishings are environmentally friendly products, and Nanbeiwang’s all-aluminum home furnishing aims to become a global leader in smart and environmentally friendly furniture. We have developed a new material (bamboo kun board, not only formaldehyde-free, but also formaldehyde purification, with quality inspection reports); all-aluminum homes have a long service life and can be recycled and reused; products have been customized for the whole house, such as integrated ceilings , All cabinets, floors, wall panels, etc. All-aluminum home furnishings should focus on two concepts: consumption equals free; instead of selling products (products have a price), but selling health (health is priceless), consumers can buy peace of mind, comfort and health.

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