All-aluminum home furnishing with strength leads the home improvement industry

Under the background of low-carbon and environmental protection, the all-aluminum home furnishing industry continues to heat up. Although it is an emerging industry, with its excellent performance, it has great potential to become the mainstream of decorative materials. When the home furnishing industry has been swept by the wave of consumption upgrades, and companies have tried their best to deal with it, a brand-new battle between brands is quietly heating up.

Aluminum furniture

Standing under the trend of the industry, consumers can’t help but ask——

There are various decoration materials and product materials in the industry market. Why does all-aluminum home lead the home improvement industry?

Nowadays, whether it is for corporate decoration or personal home decoration, the installation and use of all-aluminum home furnishings has become a highlight of the decoration industry. The main reason lies in the four major hard powers of the product itself!

Aluminum profile

1. Excellent quality: healthy and green materials

Use environmentally friendly aluminum alloy profiles that are harmless to the human body.

It is non-toxic, harmless, tasteless, sound insulation, and environmentally friendly.

It is mildew-proof, moisture-proof, waterproof and fireproof, and has high hardness. The cabinet can be easily cleaned with only a damp cloth.

Patterned aluminum sheet

2. Excellent efficiency: convenient installation to reduce construction period

It adopts the lock type installation mode, free assembly, fast and convenient.

After the assembly is completed, there is no need to wait for the smell of the house to dissipate, and the installation can be completed immediately and you can move in immediately.

3. Excellent cost: saving cost, time and labor

There is no need to participate in multiple jobs, effectively liberating workers and saving labor costs.

long lasting. Under normal circumstances, the service life of all-aluminum homes is as long as several decades, and they can last for a long time if they are well maintained.

Easy to disassemble. Whether it is old house renovation or new house decoration, the convenient disassembly method of all-aluminum home can not only reduce the generation of decoration garbage, but also can be recycled and has high recycling value.
4, the style is excellent: any combination of different styles

It can be used for all-aluminum home decoration in hospitals, hotels, offices, shops and residential houses.

The five decoration styles (modern and simple, European, new Chinese, Mediterranean, and pastoral) conform to the trend of the times, meet the individual needs of consumers, and include contemporary popular elements.

You can choose from a variety of high-end, atmospheric, and top-grade styles, and the products can be combined and assembled at will.

All-aluminum home furnishings were born in response to the times and fired in response to the individual needs of consumers. Under the current industry market, more and more entrepreneurs have invested in all-aluminum furnishings, joined the agency of all-aluminum furnishings brands and successfully harvested huge wealth and Fame. We believe that as the leader of the home improvement industry, the future development of all-aluminum home furnishing is bound to be limitless!

Post time: Jul-29-2021