Aluminum alloy furniture is growing rapidly

Consumers’ purchasing experience for aluminum alloy furniture (that is, all-aluminum furniture) is that it was difficult to find merchants a year ago, and the number of merchants has greatly increased a year later

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Aluminum alloy furniture sales profit is low?

A few years ago, when aluminum alloy furniture was just launched, some furniture dealers who dared to eat crabs chose to sell aluminum alloy furniture in the building materials market and furniture professional stores, but this wave of dealers quickly disappeared; those who could persist, the pace of development is also not as fast as expected.

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The reason is that aluminum alloy furniture does not conform to people’s traditional cognition of furniture. When it comes to aluminum alloy furniture, it gives people a cold feeling, not like furniture.

Secondly, aluminum alloy furniture is still more expensive than panel furniture, and people cannot accept this new type of furniture with expensive and not popular.

Aluminum alloy furniture is something that some people can’t ask for

There are still many furniture factories producing aluminum alloy furniture, but compared with the vast market in China, the number of these manufacturers is still too rare, and it is very difficult for people to buy aluminum alloy furniture.

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With the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more and more attention to the home environment. In some consumer groups, there is a concentrated purchase intention of environmentally friendly all-aluminum furniture, but it is difficult to find qualified suppliers in the market.

The network breaks the bottleneck of supply and demand

The Internet is an important sales channel for aluminum alloy furniture, as well as an important development tool and development opportunity.

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Consumers have demand, manufacturers have production capacity, and marketing is difficult.

The marketing cost of the Internet can be large or small, and it is an acceptable sales channel for aluminum alloy furniture manufacturers.

Some furniture manufacturers use public accounts and online stores to sell aluminum alloy furniture, which has achieved considerable sales with less channel costs. Consumers have found manufacturers through the internet, releasing demand.

Manufacturers and consumers are connected smoothly on the internet, and the channels of production and sales are finally opened up.

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The success of many manufacturers has attracted more manufacturers to devote themselves to the manufacture and sales of aluminum alloy furniture. At present, in some areas, aluminum alloy furniture manufacturing has appeared in areas.

The Internet-based installation process has solved the most troublesome problem for aluminum alloy furniture factories.

Without physical store dealers, manufacturers through the network, even if they can sell the furniture, can not install, or the installation cost is too high, it is difficult to sell aluminum alloy furniture smoothly.

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Fortunately, at this critical node, the Internet furniture installation platform has developed. There are already several furniture installation platforms that can centrally install masters across the country to serve consumers across the country and solve the last big trouble of selling aluminum alloy furniture to the country.

As long as the furniture factory pays a certain fee for the installation workers, it can easily find furniture installation masters in various cities across the country, and logistics is no longer a problem.

From the total point of view, the development speed of aluminum alloy furniture is quite amazing.

Many new faces have appeared in the traditional furniture market, and many new faces have gone through completely different sales channels, which is also an important reason why traditional furniture companies feel more and more difficult to operate.

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What is the advantage of all-aluminum furniture?

TOP1 Health and Environmental Protection

Formaldehyde is generally contained in the adhesives used for bonding and splicing of traditional wooden furniture. Where there are more adhesives used, the amount of formaldehyde released is large. This is an unavoidable problem for wooden furniture. Therefore, if you want a healthy home life, you should choose an all-aluminum home without formaldehyde pollution.

First of all, all-aluminum furniture uses aluminum alloy as raw material, and the metal properties of aluminum alloy determine that it is far away from formaldehyde; secondly, all-aluminum furniture does not add adhesives and other chemicals containing formaldehyde in the process of splicing and assembling. Obviously, all-aluminum homes are not plagued by formaldehyde pollution, and long-term use of all-aluminum homes will not be harmful to health.


TOP2 has a long service life and can be used for 50 years

Long-term use of all-aluminum furniture will not be harmful to health, and many traditional wooden furniture not only suffer from formaldehyde pollution, but even the practical value of “long-term use” is difficult to achieve. Many wooden furniture will be damaged, cracked and other problems after a period of use. This is because wooden furniture is not fireproof or moisture-proof, and it is also easily damaged by moths.

Especially in humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms, the service life of wooden furniture is even more unsatisfactory. The all-aluminum home is fireproof and moisture-proof, stable in nature, strong and durable, and will not be deformed or affected by moisture for 50 years under normal circumstances.

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TOP3 is easy to clean and maintain

After the wooden furniture is spliced together by adhesives, it becomes a whole, which is bulky and heavy, and handling and cleaning have become a difficult problem for consumers. In contrast, the all-aluminum home is lighter in weight, easy to move, and can be disassembled quickly and easily. This greatly facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the all-aluminum home, and extends the service life of the all-aluminum home.

TOP4 has great recycling value

After 50 years of “long-term use”, even if the all-aluminum home is eliminated, it can still be recycled and reused. Metal can turn waste into treasure, and wood can only be thrown away or burned after use. All-aluminum furniture has this huge advantage of preserving value, which is unmatched by wooden furniture. All-aluminum home, healthy and environmentally friendly, and aluminum is guaranteed for 50 years.

Post time: Jan-19-2022