Aluminum-magnesium-manganese decorative panels can replace fireproof materials such as aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum veneers, honeycomb panels, etc.

At present, the aluminum-magnesium-manganese decorative panel adopts the hot and cold composite process, which increases the surface decoration, impact resistance, and fire resistance performance, and saves about 60% of the raw material cost, achieving the effect of spraying aluminum veneer and honeycomb aluminum panel. High-magnesium board, magnesite board, aluminum-plastic composite board and other refractory materials. The advantages are low cost, high combustion performance, good decoration effect and convenient construction. Energy-saving, fire-proof, and environmentally-friendly decorative panels are suitable for residential curtain walls, walls, offices, buildings, entertainment and other places.


1. Structure:

The structure of the aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate includes: protective film layer, roller coating, aluminum plate layer, glue layer, refractory layer, aluminum-magnesium composite plate, the next layer is the baking paint aluminum plate layer, the middle is the magnesium plate or the magnesite plate as the core plate layer. Adopt the hot and cold composite process to bond, so that the glass magnesium board or magnesite board is decorative, impact resistant and not easy to be damaged. A protective film is affixed on the front to make the surface of the colored aluminum plate not easily damaged. Outdoors, the surface of the aluminum plate is coated with a layer of fluorocarbon resin, and indoors, the surface of the aluminum plate can be coated with polyester resin.


2. Benefits:

The rotomolded decorative surface depends on this protective film layer, which is not easy to damage and is convenient for construction.

2. Rolling metal materials can make the surface color difference, the color bright, the surface bright, and the surface has a strong metal texture; the decoration and fire resistance can meet the requirements of various places; enhance the overall impact strength and rigidity of the magnesium board and the magnesite board; It solves the defects of glass magnesium plate and magnesite plate that cannot be bent,  and cylindrical.

3. The glued layer can tightly combine the roll-coated metal material with the refractory material layer through a heating compound or a cold compound process.

3. The refractory layer, its properties such as planing, sawing, fireproofing and waterproofing can meet the requirements of various places and facilitate on-site decoration and construction.


It is the first choice to replace aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum single panels, honeycomb panels and other fireproof materials, aluminum-magnesium-manganese panels, which can not only reduce the use cost, but also increase the choice of the building decoration industry. The surface impact resistance and rigidity of the glass magnesium plate and magnesite plate are improved. It solves the shortcomings of glass magnesium board and magnesite board, such as poor decoration, no bending, angle, and cylindrical shape. Aluminum-magnesium plywood can be cut, cut, slotted, sawed, drilled, countersunk, riveted, screwed or bonded, etc.

The aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate aluminum alloy flat roof has good sound absorption and noise reduction characteristics. The aluminum-magnesium-manganese-plate-aluminum alloy flat roof can not hear the noise even in the storm. This is also due to the use of aluminum-magnesium-manganese board and aluminum alloy flat roofs with sound insulation cotton and open-hole sound-absorbing panels, which promotes the sound insulation performance index of the flat roof system.


When transporting, do not drag the aluminum-magnesium-manganese board on the rough appearance of the aluminum-magnesium-manganese board, and do not drag the aluminum-magnesium-manganese board between the aluminum-magnesium-manganese boards to avoid damage to the finish paint. When the aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy plates are stacked, the aluminum-manganese-magnesium plate manufacturer shall not stack more than four boxes, and no heavy pedals shall be placed on the aluminum-magnesium-manganese plates to prevent the closing and loosening of the aluminum-magnesium-manganese plates from affecting the finished aluminum. Magnesium-manganese plates cause damage



Post time: Oct-07-2021