EU proposes to impose a carbon dioxide tax on aluminum and fertilizers

According to the draft proposal, the European Commission will propose a carbon border adjustment mechanism for electricity imported from the European Union.

The new tariffs will be linked to the costs already faced by EU producers and will apply to the following products: Portland cement, high alumina cement, slag cement, persulfate cement and similar hard cements, whether colored or not, clinker or not Forms; nitric acid, sulfonic nitric acid, ammonia, mineral fertilizers or chemical fertilizers; steel ingots or other primary shapes of iron and non-alloy steel; semi-finished iron or non-alloy steel, flat rolled products of iron or non-alloy steel; iron or non-alloy steel Bars; unwrought aluminum; aluminum powder and flakes; aluminum wires, bars and profiles; aluminum tubes

Note: The proposal will be announced on July 14 and may be revised; the tax proposal must be approved by the EU legislature

Post time: Jun-04-2021