Has Titan Machinery (TITN) exceeded other retail and wholesale inventories this year?

Investors interested in retail and wholesale stocks should always look for the best performing companies in the group. Is Titan Machinery (TITN) one of this year’s stocks? Let’s take a closer look at the stock’s year-to-date performance to find out.
Titan Machinery is one of 211 companies in the retail and wholesale group. The retail and wholesale group currently ranks second in the Zacks industry ranking. The Zacks Sector Rank considers 16 different industry groups. Measure the average Zacks Rank of individual stocks in the group, and list industries from best to worst.
Zacks Rank is a proven model that highlights various stocks with the correct characteristics to outperform the market in the next one to three months. The system emphasizes the revision of earnings forecasts and is beneficial to companies with improved earnings prospects. TITN’s current Zacks Rank is #1 (Strong Buy).

The Zacks consensus estimate of TITN’s full-year earnings rose 23.55% in the last quarter. This shows that analyst sentiment is improving and the stock’s earnings outlook is more optimistic.
Our latest available data shows that since the start of the calendar year, TITN’s rate of return is approximately 43.63%. In contrast, the average rate of return for retail and wholesale companies is -0.62%. This means that Titan Machinery has outperformed its industry in terms of year-to-date returns.
Further subdivided, TITN belongs to the automotive-retail and wholesale industry, which includes 9 independent companies and is currently ranked fourth in the Zacks industry ranking. On average, the group has risen by an average of 35.42% so far this year, which means that TITN has performed better in terms of year-to-date returns.
Investors in the retail and wholesale industry will want to pay close attention to TITN as it tries to continue its solid performance.
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