Jinan Huifeng Aluminium Co.,Ltd carry out safety production inspections

In order to effectively prevent various safety accidents,In the afternoon of Dec. 6 2021, Under the leadership of Mr.Song, the Jinan Huifeng Aluminum production Safety Team conducted a major production safety inspection activity for the entire plant. A comprehensive inspection of the company’s safety protection, fire protection, various safety signs, material loading, transportation, stacking, on-site arrangement, cleaning, specification, and special equipment, electricity, machinery, and various equipment and facilities were carried out.

workshop cleaning


aluminum workshop

Safely production

Safe production

finished products

packed products neatly placed products neatly placed products ready for shipment safe transportation


Safety inspection summary meeting
Through this comprehensive inspection, Jinan Huifeng Aluminum has further strengthened the main responsibility of the company’s production safety,Consolidate the foundation of safety management, At the same time, it also builds a safe and long-term mechanism for the enterprise,Enhanced security prevention and governance capabilities,Effectively avoid the occurrence of various safety accidents,It will greatly promote for Jinan Huifeng Aluminum to be a safe enterprise.
Cleaning workshop

For many years, in order to implement the safety production policy of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management”,Members of the Jinan Huifeng Aluminium safety management team will conduct a safety production standardization self-inspection every week and a monthly self-assessment activity,Do a good job in safety training and team management,Practically form up-and-down linkage, and work together to manage the work force, Implement rectification of problems and non-conformities in production,Maintain and consolidate the results of safety production standardization,Improved safety protection system,Realize safe production。

Post time: Dec-08-2021