RM I is a confusing table made of square aluminum tubes

The latest piece of furniture in his United Objects collection by Zurich architect Joseph Smolenicky is the RM I Table. This puzzling table is made entirely of square aluminum tubes, and its arrangement reveals how simple materials can be used to make complex objects.
The beauty of RM I lies in the details, and there are many details. The structure of the square tube illustrates how the table is expressed. The staggered edges of the diamond-shaped table top emerge directly and naturally from the table legs below. On the other hand, the table legs develop into the vertical continuity of the horizontal tubular structure of the table top.
Smolenicky chose a diamond shape instead of a typical rectangle to promote communication between the four people sitting at the table. The rectangle forces the front face to face, while the diamond shape allows all four people to turn to each other.
The table top and the table legs have a unique relationship, allowing them to create a diamond-like negative space under the table. At the intersection of the table legs is a single vertical pipe, which creates the illusion that the table itself is floating in the air. There is a rotating square tube at the bottom of each table leg, which serves as a foot. At the top, the tips of the table legs meet the tips of the diamond-shaped tabletop, creating a dramatic moment.
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Post time: Aug-02-2021