The aluminum alloy pavilion allows you to abandon the noise of the outside world and establish a healthy lifestyle

Our  country’s traditional culture tree has deep roots, and new Chinese aluminum pavilions have become popular. When decorating their outdoor gardens, more and more owners will choose to add some buildings with Chinese elements. New Chinese aluminum pavilions have become their priority. The objects of the people can make their courtyard more breath of life. The family enjoys tea under the aluminum alloy pavilion, talking and laughing, is it not the simple and warm atmosphere of the time.

Aluminum extrusion

There is everything you love in the yard, the spring, summer, autumn and winter you yearn for.The aluminum alloy pavilion is luxurious and elegant, with a refined and elegant appearance, Weather resistance, not easy to wear, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, It has the characteristics of high hardness, non-deformation, non-fading, non-shedding, etc.It is indispensable to combine with villa gardens, garden landscapes, municipal park squares, etc.

Alminum bar

New Chinese style as a decoration style of aluminum alloy pavilion, It can be unpretentious or solemn.

The unique visual style of aluminum alloy pavilion,No light pollution, strong self-cleaning ability,It can meet people’s eager expectations and needs for returning to nature and being in harmony with nature.

The design of the aluminum alloy pavilion brings you a broad space experience,The expansion of vision also allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery in nature,At the same time, you can feel the natural scent of birds and flowers, To transcend the spiritual needs of oneself, The aluminum alloy pavilion allows you to get rid of the noise of the outside world,Establish a healthy lifestyle and lead the trend of new Chinese culture.

Aluminum frame

Advantages of balcony aluminum art aluminum alloy pavilion:

1. The price is transparent:Due to the popularity of aluminum alloys,The current aluminum alloy price is transparent,So you don’t have to worry about being deceived,And its price is cheaper than the market.

2. The pavilion is easy to make:With sufficient raw material inventory, short construction period and fast delivery, the main frame materials required for an aluminum alloy pavilion can be prepared in a few days, and can be cut according to the building model on site.

3. The shape is rich and changeable: the aluminum alloy pavilion has strong plasticity. It can be designed according to your favorite heart and architectural shape. It can be bent or straight, and can be used for any surface treatment.

4. Prevent water leakage and seepage: original waterproof technology of outer block, middle defense and inner guide, three major waterproof, unblocked drainage.

5. Anti-typhoon/snow: The reinforced structure can resist the attacks of typhoons and snowstorms above level 12, with a distinct primary and secondary, and improve the strength, compressive capacity and safety of the aluminum alloy pavilion.

Aluminum profile

The last point: the aluminum alloy pavilion will not be decayed due to the erosion of the natural environment. To put it simply, it has a longer service life.



Post time: Nov-22-2021