The market potential of metal aluminum tile will continue to expand in 2022

In 2021, due to the influence of factors such as the ancient construction market, the metal antique aluminum tile industry has shown an overall rapid development trend. It is predicted that the market potential of metal aluminum tiles will continue to expand in 2022.

In recent years, with the rise of the ancient building market and the acceleration of urbanization, aluminum plate and tile products have become more and more known to consumers. Design-oriented, high-quality metal aluminum tiles meet consumers’ pursuit of high-quality life, and the development of the industry has also ushered in unprecedented opportunities


At present, China’s metal aluminum tile industry is developing rapidly. With the continuous advancement of urbanization, it will fundamentally support the long-term sustainable development of the metal aluminum tile market in the future. With the accelerated pace of rural reform, a series of policies to benefit the people have been introduced, and the construction of a new countryside has entered a climax. Many rural buildings use new aluminum tiles as roof paving materials, opening a new chapter in people’s lives.


In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, consumers have put forward higher requirements for product quality. It’s important to tailor things to your users. Therefore, enterprises must adapt to market changes and make certain adjustments and designs of products.

Nowadays, the artistic level and practical level of aluminum tiles are in line with the architectural concept that people admire. In addition to light weight, high strength, flexible and convenient construction, environmental protection, and recyclability, the biggest performance of aluminum tile is the plasticity of color and shape, which can adapt to roofs of different shapes and requirements, creating the effect that the designer hopes.


At present, China’s metal aluminum tile industry is developing rapidly, and the types of products are constantly changing. In the future, this industry will receive praise from the industry and accelerate its development, becoming the leader of the building roofing industry.

Roof decoration materials are changing with each passing day, and metal tiles came into being

The white walls and red tiles have always been the most prominent feature in the northern courtyard. The dazzling red tiles on the roof play a vital role in traditional Chinese architecture. With the continuous improvement of the quality of life of modern people, people began to miss those beautiful and exquisite ancient buildings. At present, most residential buildings on the market are decorated with color steel tiles, cement tiles and other roofing materials, but these materials have certain limitations, lack of functions such as heat preservation and waterproofing, and have a short service life.


Nowadays, roof decoration materials are changing with each passing day, and metal tiles came into being. With its unique design, the roof leads the trend of the times and has carried out new innovations in the transformation of the old roof system.

Metal aluminum tile is a new building decoration material in the 21st century. It has a traditional Chinese style and is the product of the replacement of traditional ceramic tiles. The aluminum tiles are made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, combined with professional craftsmanship, highlighting the charm of ancient buildings. At the same time, compared with traditional color steel tiles and cement tiles, antique metal tiles have the characteristics of wind resistance, lightning resistance, crack resistance, long life, and rich colors. They are not easy to fall off even in severe weather such as earthquakes and typhoons.


Aluminum corrugated sheet/plate

When it comes to metals, the first thing people have to worry about is corrosion. In addition, metal tiles have good corrosion properties, and the resin layer has excellent weather resistance, sturdiness and durability, and can effectively prevent the corrosion of metal tiles. This is a major feature of metal tiles. Compared with ordinary cement tiles, metal tiles have stable chemical properties, good weather resistance, long service life, and are much lighter than cement tiles. In this way, transportation construction will be more convenient and economical. In addition, the metal tile can be recycled, has good environmental performance, and conforms to the trend of ecological sustainable development.


Metal aluminum tiles get rid of the thick and brittle defects of traditional tiles, uneven, and the roof overlaps. The decoration effect is excellent, the plasticity is strong, the service life is long, maintenance-free, the construction process is simple and fast, the cost performance is excellent, and the green environmental protection concept is recyclable. Whether it is museums, tourist attractions, or architectural renovation projects such as antique streets, aluminum tiles have become the first choice for project renovation, adding icing on the cake to reproduce the splendor of ancient buildings.


The difference between aluminum tiles and ordinary tiles

Disadvantages of ordinary tiles:

1. Clay bricks have defects such as sand holes, cracks, warping, and opening;

2. Glazed tiles are fragile, easy to freeze, reflective, etc.;

3. The cement tile has large volume, discoloration, leakage, and high overall cost.

4. Traditional ceramic tiles consume a lot of resources every year;

5. The traditional clay tile production process pollutes more;


Advantages of aluminum tile:

1. The aluminum tile is easy to install, simple in construction, and not restricted by climatic conditions;

2. The fireproof strength of aluminum plate is 100%, which makes it easy to pass fireproof laws and regulations;

3. With environmental protection and durability, the service life of aluminum tiles can generally exceed 50 years, or even hundreds of years;

4. Aluminum tiles can avoid some daily maintenance costs, and there is no need to regularly spray fireproof insecticides on thatched houses.

5. Aluminum tiles, worry-free;

6. Aluminum tiles are not threatened and damaged by fungi such as bird feces, insects, etc.;

7. It has good wind resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and good impact resistance;

8. Aluminum tile materials can be used for various roofs and have a wide range of applications.

Post time: Oct-25-2021