The quality of aluminum gusset for the kitchen and bathroom ceiling

How thick for the aluminum gusset for kitchen and bathroom ceilings? Generally the thickness 0.6mm or 0.7mm used for family clothing.

1. The 0.6 mm thick aluminum gusset is the mainstream choice in home decoration, because there is no fundamental difference in appearance and practicality between the two thickness of the plates in the actual use process. Compared with the 0.6 mm plate, the price is lower. There are more aluminum gussets with a thickness of 0.6 mm in home decoration


2. 0.6 mm and 0.8 mm

Everyone should pay attention to the thickness of the aluminum gusset plate of the integrated ceiling. Because the price of the aluminum gusset plate of the integrated ceiling is directly related to its thickness, it cannot be bought blindly. Generally, the thickness of the aluminum gusset plate of the integrated ceiling is 0.6 mm and  0.8 mm.

3. 0.45mm and 0.6mm

Overall ceiling aluminum gusset 0.6 mm thick aluminum gusset is the current mainstream home furnishing choice. The thickness of the integrated ceiling aluminum gusset is 0.45 mm, and some foreign brands use aluminum-based materials. When users purchase integrated ceiling aluminum gussets, they not only look at its material and quality, but also its thickness. A good overall ceiling aluminum gusset has good toughness and strength.


How to install aluminum gusset ceiling

1. play

According to the level of the floor elevation, use the vertical vector of the ruler to raise the design elevation of the ceiling, eject the position line of the keel on the top plate, and then eject the elevation level of the ceiling to the wall.

2. Install the main keel boom

That is, after the elevation level of the ceiling and the main keel position line are played, the elevation of the lower head of the boom is determined, and the bolt-free end of the boom is fixed under the floor with expansion bolts according to the position of the main keel and the hanging distance; Boom use 6 m steel bar (flat steel).


3. Install the main keel

It is necessary to equip the hanger nut, install the hanger on the main keel in advance, insert the main keel of the assembled hanger into the corresponding hanger bolt according to the bin position, screw the nut, and connect with the main keel. Install the connecting piece, adjust the main keel, install the main keel of the connecting piece, and fix the main keel according to the position of the bin.

4. Install the secondary keel

According to the secondary keel classification line, the secondary keel triangle hanging pendant should be clamped. The wooden keel is used, and the spacing between the secondary keels is 600 mm. According to the main keel spacing specified in the design, the secondary keel is hung on the main keel through the triangular pendant; when the length of the secondary keel needs to be extended, use the secondary keel connector connector, and when the secondary keel is suspended, use the secondary keel connector connector.

Do we have to use the best aluminum gusset? What we are talking about here is the aluminum gusset used in our home decoration ceiling.If we choose aluminum gusset ceiling for home decoration, the point of view given by the home furnishing is that we must buy the one that meets the requirements, not necessarily the best.Because there are many aspects of the quality of aluminum gusset, as long as it can meet the requirements, it can fully meet the use of our home improvement ceiling.


1. The material of the aluminum gusset is in line with the environmental requirements when used in home decoration.In other words, if we use aluminum gusset ceilings in the kitchen and bathroom, the corrosion resistance of the aluminum gussets is very good.Almost all aluminum gussets on the market can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Even if the surface of our aluminum gusset is stained with some oil, it can be easily wiped off. In addition, there is often water vapor on the aluminum gusset, and it will not rust. So from this point of view, it is completely okay to choose a general aluminum gusset, because the material characteristics determine its characteristics.

2. The size of the aluminum gusset also determines that it basically meets the requirements when used in the home. This mainly refers to the ceiling of our home improvement bathroom or kitchen. When choosing aluminum gusset, the requirements for aluminum gusset are not particularly high. Because the area of the kitchen and bathroom are not large, like our kitchen area is basically four to five square meters, and the bathroom area is also four to five square meters. Then the length generally does not exceed 4 meters, and the aluminum gusset plate uses ordinary aluminum gusset plate within the span of 4m, which fully meets the requirements.


Aluminum coil

3. The installation method of the aluminum gusset also determines that we can buy ordinary aluminum gussets.As for the installation of aluminum gusset, everyone should know by its name that it is installed after the installation of the keel. The installation method is buckle installation. The buckle groove of the aluminum buckle plate itself is directly buckled in, so that the aluminum buckle plate is installed. Any style of aluminum gusset can meet this type of installation. Therefore, in terms of installation methods, there is actually no need to choose a particularly good aluminum gusset.

4. The difference between the quality of aluminum gussets is actually not very big. The price difference of aluminum gusset is mainly the difference of aluminum gusset brand. In other words, if we buy common brand aluminum gussets and buy some more well-known brands of aluminum gussets, the price difference is very high, but the nature of the aluminum gussets is not very different. The difference lies in the thickness of the aluminum gusset and the flexibility of the aluminum gusset. But for the ceilings of our kitchen and bathroom, the impact of these two points is actually not particularly large.Therefore, the choice of ordinary aluminum gussets fully meets the requirements.


Aluminum plate

What are the factors related to the quality of aluminum gussets?

1. The thickness of the aluminum gusset is a key to the quality.The thickness of the more common aluminum gussets on the market is roughly divided into three specifications: 0.4mm aluminum gusset, 0.6mm aluminum gusset and 0.8mm aluminum gusset. Of course, there are also 1.0mm aluminum gussets for some special customization.The most common in home improvement is the 0.6mm aluminum gusset. If we go to buy, try to choose 0.8mm aluminum gusset. The thickness of this aluminum gusset is relatively thick, and its strength is very good. Therefore, when we buy aluminum gussets, we must first pay attention to the thickness of the aluminum gussets.

2. Another factor that affects the quality of aluminum gussets is actually the flexibility of the plate. In fact, this point is well understood by everyone, that is, if our aluminum gusset is very flexible, it will not be deformed after many disassembly. But if the flexibility of the aluminum gusset plate we bought is very poor, after removing it once or twice, it may be found that the surface is deformed. This kind of aluminum gusset is not recommended to buy. So when buying aluminum gussets, you can try the flexibility of the aluminum gussets with your hands. The better the flexibility, the better quality of the aluminum gussets.


Aluminum sheet

3. Another performance of the quality of the aluminum gusset is the surface treatment of the aluminum gusset. For example, the surface of the aluminum gusset has ordinary coloring treatment, and there is a special copywriting treatment.Here we mainly observe the effect of surface treatment of aluminum gusset. For example, the surface treatment of the aluminum gusset plate we purchased is very consistent and very dense. In addition, if there is a pattern, the pattern is very clear and natural. Then these are good aluminum gussets. Conversely, if the surface color of the aluminum gusset is very different, and there are particle protrusions, etc., then the aluminum gusset is of poor quality.

4. In fact, the quality of aluminum gussets should also be concerned with the keel of the aluminum gussetsAluminum gusset ceiling should include plate and keel, both of which form a complete ceiling. Because our aluminum gusset is most importantly installed on the keel, the keel is also very critical. The keel must have a certain strength, and it cannot be deformed when moved. In addition, if the keel is made of aluminum alloy, the quality will be more guaranteed.When choosing, the situation of the keel must also be considered clearly.

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