The solutions of defects in extrusion production of solar frame aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles are produced by extrusion. If you are not careful during the extrusion process, some defects will appear, resulting in the scrap of the material. And through some effective measures can reduce the generation of defects. Today, let’s take a look at the defects and solutions that are prone to occur in the extrusion production process of solar frame aluminum profiles.


aluminum profiles 6061

一. Bump injury

Reason: 1. The mold work has metal chips or the work is damaged

2. After the profiles are pulled out, they contact and scratch each other

3. There are protruding hard objects on the discharge table, cooling bed, felt roller and graphite strip, and scratches occur during the discharge and transfer process

Solution: 1. Carefully sand the mold when opening the mold to ensure that the working belt is smooth and clean, and ensure the quality when repairing the mold.

2. Regular nitriding of the mold can ensure the surface hardness and wear resistance, thereby prolonging the life of the mold.

3. There should be a gap between the extrusion and transportation of the profiles to avoid dragging the profiles during operation.

4. Regularly check and clean the discharge rail, metal chips on the cooling bed, and debris in the felt graphite strip.

二. Bubble and slag inclusion

Reason: 1. The extrusion cylinder is deformed and damaged

2. The aluminum rod is unqualified, with defects such as impurities and pores.

Solution: 1. Regularly replace the extrusion cylinder, and replace it in time when it encounters deformation.

2. The quality of aluminum rods is strictly inspected, and unqualified aluminum rods are not allowed to flow into the extrusion production line.


三. Extrusion stripes

Reasons: 1. The working belt of the mold is processed by wire cutting, and the smoothness cannot be guaranteed.

2. The working belt of the mold is too long, or there is metal attached to it.

3. The hardness of the mold is not up to standard.

4. The extrusion temperature is too high or the extrusion speed is too fast.

Solution: 1. Ensure the quality of mold processing, regular nitriding, and reasonably design the length of the working belt.

2. Control the quality of the cast rods and make the cast rods uniform.

3. Use reasonable die temperature and extrusion temperature to control extrusion speed.

The extrusion stripe of the solar frame is a relatively common problem. Although it does not affect the normal use, it affects the aesthetics. The surface requirements of the solar frame are relatively high, and extrusion stripes are not allowed.


四. Deformation

Reason: 1. The flow rate of the mold is uneven

2. Improper stretching

3. The stretch deformation area is not completely removed

Solution: 1. Design the mold reasonably to ensure the accuracy of the mold, and trim the mold to make the metal flow rate uniform.

2. Ensure the stretch rate and avoid insufficient stretching.

3. Cut off the deformed waste at the head and tail according to the specified length.

Deformation of solar frame aluminum profiles is also a common problem. Frame products have their particularities and need to install glass panels. A slight deformation may cause the risk of frame explosion, so the requirements for straightness are quite high.

Post time: Feb-28-2022